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Meet Georgia States 2010 "Highest Yield Corn Production Efficiency" Contest Winner
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Welcome to Grow Plus+

Farming fertilizing methods have largely remained unchanged for the last 20 years. The marginal yield increases from traditional practices have not kept pace with world population growth. Demand for food is increasing while tillable land for food production is decreasing. This creates a need for a method of farming and production that produces higher yields per acre without using more water or chemicals which harm the planet.

We at GrowPlus+ have teamed up with Accelegrow Technologies, Inc. and Biological Services International Inc. to bring to market products which have the potential to meet all of these needs.

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Grow Plus+ provides a line of products including Accele-Grow-M™, The Bio-N-Liven Answer®, and The Carbon Answer® which allow growers to produce crops even in adverse growing conditions.
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The Bio-N-Liven Answer®